What Are The Different Forms Of Kamagra Medications?

Kamagra is a generic variant of Viagra and contains the active ingredient Sildenafil. The drug itself is manufactured in India and is available for cheap over online pharmacies. When you decide to take kamagra, you may have come across different forms of this erectile dysfunction (ED) medication. These various forms of kamagra all help in achieving erection but vary slightly in the way it is consumed and the time for onset of drug action. You could try different Kamagra forms after buying them as it is both effective and fun to do so. Remember that only a single dose is recommended for use in a day and this should not be exceeded. All the dosage information for Sildenafil applies when taking the different forms of Kamagra as well.
Kamagra forms
The following are the different forms of Kamagra:
Kamagra tablet – This is the compressed tablet form that is taken by swallowing it with a glass of water. The Kamagra pill that you take after buying takes about thirty to forty minutes to feel the drug’s effects. The medication works in the body for about four to six hours. Sexual stimulation is still required for the erection to happen.
Kamagra Oral Jelly – This form of Sildenafil comes as a jelly in sachets. They come in different flavors and also make it more fun to choose and consume. kamagra oral jelly is very useful for those who have difficulty in swallowing tablets and it can be swallowed even without water. The medication starts to work within twenty minutes of taking it and lasts for around four hours.
Kamagra Polo – This is a chewable form of Kamagra that has to be chewed before swallowing. Since this method of consuming the medication helps dissolve it faster, the drug also gets absorbed faster into the blood stream and makes it effective in a very short time. Avoid taking more than one dose in a day.
Kamagra Fizz – This is another form of Kamagra that makes it easy to consume after buying. Just dissolve the contents of the Kamagra Fizz sachet in water and drink it. Within thirty minutes you would be able to feel the effects of the drug.
Where to buy Kamagra?
The best way to get this ED drug is from a reliable online pharmacy. This would be highly beneficial for you as you may be able to avail huge discounts for Kamagra and also other offers that help reduce the cost. Moreover, these different forms of original kamagra pills are more readily available at an online drugstore than at brick-and-mortar outlets. So from the comfort of your home you can easily place the Kamagra order, in the medication form of your choice, and get it delivered to your doorstep. Choosing a reputed online pharmacy will ensure that you receive only the authentic medication without any compromise on quality. Overall it would be a hassle-free experience to just buy the drug online.

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